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The biggest advantage homeowners have with a wood burning stove is the quality of heat the unit gives off. Woods stoves operate on the principal of radiant heat, which warms an area faster and more efficiently than warm air being blown through a home’s vent system. The powerful heat from a wood stove radiates from all sides of the unit as well as the top, sending warmth in all directions.

Living in the Northeast, we are prone to occasional power outages throughout the winter. With a dependable wood stove, you’ll stay warm around the clock, regardless of your home’s supply of gas or electricity.

Benefits of a Wood Stove

  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Save money on bills
  • Decorative and stylish
  • Family fun

Frequent Questions


Will I save money using a Wood Stove?

Wood is an inexpensive fuel source. It costs less per BTU than oil, gas or electricity. Homeowners who practice strategic zone heating in their homes can save hundreds of dollars in utility bills each year.

Is burning wood eco-friendly?

Compared with using fossil fuels for heat (natural gas, propane, coal, etc.) wood is much more eco-friendly. It’s considered “carbon-neutral,” which means when it burns, it doesn’t add additional carbon dioxide to the environment. This is because in its natural state as a tree, wood absorbs carbon dioxide that’s in the atmosphere. During combustion, a balance is maintained.

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Napoleon EP13 Woodstove

Napoleon - OAKDALE EPI3

Wood Burning Contemporary Fireplace Insert

Napoleon EP13 Woodstove


Wood Burning Traditional Majolica Brown Fireplace Insert
Napoleon S25I Woodstove

Napoleon S25I

Medium Cast-Iron Wood-Burning Charcoal Finish Fireplace Insert
Napoleon S20-1 Woodstove

Napoleon S20I

Wood-Burning Cast Iron Fireplace Insert
Timberwolf T13T-1

Timberwolf TI3T-1

Wood Burning Traditional Fireplace Insert
Timberwolf T13TN-1 Woodstove

Timberwolf TI3TN-1

Wood Burning Traditional Majolica Brown Fireplace Insert
Timberwolf T20I

Timberwolf T20I

Wood-Burning Cast Iron Fireplace Insert
Timberwolf EP122-1 Woodstove

Timberwolf EPI22-1

Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert

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