Chimney Repairs

Here at Four Seasons we specialize in any chimney repair no matter how big or small. Whether it be minor repointing or an entire rebuild our specialists will complete the repair to your complete satisfaction.

Chimney Crowns

The chimney crown is an essential part of your chimney system. The crown is a concrete top and it is designed to pitch water to the sides where it can easily run off. However, crowns do not last forever and will develop cracks and deteriorate. If not addressed water can penetrate into your chimney causing bricks to break or loosen up. This will result in a much more costly repair.

There are two types of repairs for crowns, sealing or complete replacement. If your crown has only minor cracks a chimney crown sealant can be applied. It is a flexible waterproof sealant that gets installed over your existing crown. The product we use is CrownSeal and it comes with a 15 year warranty. When a crown has deteriorated past the point of sealing a full replacement is the only option. The existing crown must be removed and a new concrete one poured. Some inexperienced masons will install a thin layer of mortar over the existing crown. The problem with this is it will crack very quickly leaving you with the exact same problem.

Chimney Repointing

Your chimney is constantly exposed to the harsh elements of the outdoors. After years of enduring these conditions, your chimneys mortar will begin to deteriorate. This causes holes and cracks in the mortar which leaves your chimney susceptible to water penetration. This is why it is important to repair or replace this mortar before more costly repairs are required.

The process of repointing involves grinding or scraping the damaged mortar out from between the bricks and then replacing it with new mortar. It is important that the old mortar joint is correctly removed and cleaned for proper adhesion of new mortar. This simple process can add years of life to your chimney.

We recommend protecting your investment by waterproofing your chimney with ChimneySaver water repellent. Click here to learn more.

Chimney Rebuilds

Brick chimneys may require to be rebuilt after years of water damage has decayed the masonry structure. When the integrity of the structure has been compromised beyond the point of normal repairs the only option is a complete rebuild. Rebuilds can also be required if a foundation settles, separating the chimney from the house or from storm damage such as a lightning strike.

The process of rebuilding begins with removing the damaged section of the chimney. This can be as small as the top couple rows or as large as the entire chimney down to the foundation. The most common however is from the roof line up as this is the area exposed to the elements. The chimney is then rebuilt with all new brick and mortar to match original dimensions. The rebuild is completed with a new pitched concrete crown.

We recommend protecting your investment by waterproofing your chimney with ChimneySaver water repellent.